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Lunch at Twenty9 Piccadilly!

Written By Akshay Kothari on Saturday, 28 May 2016 | 07:21

After an astounding experience with the breakfast at twenty9 , I entered Piccadilly with hopes high and gleaming eyes . The lavish spread tantalized  my eyes making my stomach beg for the food. The only question I asked myself was will by able to try everything out. Without waiting I took my plate and moved on the salad counter.

The salad made my stomach feel satisfied while raising my expectations for main course and the dessert. Fruits were sweet and juicy, The rabri was exactly the way my grandma makes absolutely delicious. Pita hummus were delicious. Seeing the gol gappas, I couldn't resist myself and latched onto them like a child and these guys sure didn't disappoint me. Ma Mia I am in for a treat here that were my thoughts.
The main course had everything from north Indian to Chinese whatever you want only thing they failed to have here was taste. Stale noodles ,bland dal , rubber like paneer as they say badi dukaan feeke pakwan. Even a road side dhaba would serve you better food. Disappointed turned toward desserts. As I delved my spoon into the chocolate mouse and took it into my mouth, I was in a state of shock. My mouth felt only one thing gelatin. The story was same for every dessert only the name different be it mousse be it yogurt only taste that mouth could feel was of journey. What started of as a treat for my taste-buds turned into a nightmare that I would want to forget. Indian desserts were edible, Surely Not recommended especially considering the price these guys charge. Stay away stay happy. Be a foodie.

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