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Visit to chili's in search of Mexican food

Written By Akshay Kothari on Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | 09:38

Please never go to chili's as these guys  force you to overeat some of the best Mexican food. First came regular nachos which you should never order. Who wants to eat nachos with a layer of amazing cheese and jalapeƱo over the top with one of the best sour cream and salsa. Add to it we order guacomole which made the already appetizing nachos even more mouth watering,sincere request stay away from this nachos other wise you will be left wanting for more.
Only savior among those delectable delicacies was tostada chips which mind you are unlimited thanks to their bland taste and a below par dip but my friend spoiled it by ordering sour cream along with which they suddenly started tasting better.I had just started hating them when they gave me bottomless coke. My relation with coke is like that of a child who has been watching a sweet shop since years and suddenly he  is allowed to enter the shop and he eats everything despite knowing it's bad for him, only difference was i was never denied coke but my response is still the same.

Then we ordered veg paneer enchiladas, what kind of idiots make such scrumptious paneer filling and with a layer of such piquant cheese. Too add to my already growing hatred for this place the side rice that came with it as side dish had a tangy intriguing flavor which left me craving for more.Trust me guys you don't want to go there otherwise you will end up eating twice your capacity.


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